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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Ceaser Cipher Technique of Encryption

Implementation of ceaser cipher technique.
Concept: This technique of encryption is used to encrypt alphabets by shifting them by some number of letters.Such as,if our plaintext is ABC and cipher key is 2 then our plaintext will be shifted by 2 alphabets and cipher text will be CDE. Basically no body can read this text after encryption.

                    There are many tools are available to implement this technique.

Mathematical Description §

First we translate all of our characters to numbers, 'a'=0, 'b'=1, 'c'=2, ... , 'z'=25. We can now represent the caesar cipher encryption function, e(x), where x is the character we are encrypting, as:
Where k is the key (the shift) applied to each letter. After applying this function the result is a number which must then be translated back into a letter. The decryption function is :
Demo: Here  I am going to perform a live ceaser encryption.
Such as shown below:
·       I went to url= www.learncrytography.com/tools/ceaser-cipher
·       Put some text in plaintext field
·       Enter shift amount 6
·       Click on encrypt
·       My text has been encrypted with ceaser cipher

Tools: there are many online websites and encryption portals which allows us to perform ceaser cipher.
·       Ceaser cipher simulator
·       Ceaser shift cipher tool
·       Ceaser cipher 0.3
·       Ceaser cipher encryption
·       http://tools.zenverse.net/caesar-cipher/  live perform
·       https://www.dcode.fr/caesar-cipher    live online perform
·       www.learncrytography.com/tools/ceaser-cipher online perform
·       https://www.xarg.org/tools/caesar-cipher/ online perform
·       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6TPx1Co_wg youtube tutorial

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