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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Cyber security

Nowdays, Technology is being increased day by day and everything is very confidential and precious for multinational companies. As we know without internet, today`s world is not completed.

                       Everything goes on internet, data transformation, receiving, netbanking, military data, and so on. If these informations get leaked, big problem can be occur. So definitely this data requires security to be protected from attackers or hackers who always try to steal information. There can be number of loopholes on internet or on websites which can be a golden chance for hackers to get entered to steal information.

On the other hand there are end number of crimes which occurs on internet such as
ATM scamming, fake calling, dealing for harmful attempts etc.
To make everything secure, the term "cyber security" falls in this category to make everything secure as well as tracing the hackers, overcoming the threat of attacks.

Cyber security is in full demand nowdays because of digitalization. I find it good for good future because it is an interesting field and an eager students who want to make his career in this field can get so much knowledge from internet also.

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