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Wednesday, May 30, 2018



There are some terms which are used on internet usually and we all have to fulfill that conditions.  These conditions may varies for various users. Now here I am going to talk about the IDENTIFICATION , AUTHENTICATION AND AUTHORIZATION

Basically, these three aspects are used where we have any account on websites or any where else. We have to fulfill two conditions which are IDENTIFICATION AND AUTHENTICATION but the third aspect AUTHORIZATION is not in our hands because it is given by the higher authorities or we can say, by website operators.


Now we will talk about the identification, which is very first need to show our genuinity to website that you are the user who want to access the account.

Let me explain with an example, assume that you are a student of a University and you are having your STUDENTID No. (2234234) or name etc. Now this is your identification in University because nobody knows your directly , you will show your identity to tell them I am  RAM OR SHAM. Your id is always different from others because everyone has their own identity.

Similarly, when you login to any website and put your username or email address, now that is your identity and the server will match it with the database and when it finds that username then you will be able to take access of the account.


Now this is the second term where you have to show the website that you are the person who is authorized to access the data by proofing your rights and authentications.

For example:- You use pattern lock on your mobile phone to make it secure and whenever you need to access the applications you have to enter pattern lock because it checks whether you are genuine or not. If you put correct pattern then it gives you access. Now this is the authentication.

Similarly, in websites when you proof you Identity then it requires authentication by entering the password in password field to check, are you genuine user?

If your password does match with the database then it allows you to get enter in the account.


This is the last step which is not in the hands of user because the authorization is provided by the Provider or Website operators.

Such as: Assume that you are  the students of a  university and in the university , wifi is divided in to four parts : students, faculty, HOD`s and Higher authorities. Now they have provided the authority to students to just access 200 mb per day but faculty can use 3 gb per day and HOD`s can use 10 gb per day but the higher authorities can use unlimited.Now this is the authorization given to each one according to the ranks.

Similarly , websites also provide the limited authorization according to the user.

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