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Sunday, May 13, 2018




Such as every person have own identification on world by using name,address,adhaar card etc.Similarly computer also contain their address and identification which are called MAC address and IP address.

                              Basically,each system have it`s own ip address given by network that will be always unique from each other.It looks like means it is divided into four parts each part numbering range is from 0 to 255.But ip addresses are also divided into the classes.Each class is mend for different categories of network or different types of users.

                              There are five ip classes:A,B,C,D and E.

Classes                                     Range                             Usage

A                                               0-126                              common

B                                               128-191                          common

C                                               192-223                          common

D                                               224-239                          multicasting

E                                                240-254                          experimental

                                                                                          (research) ip address is not comes in these classes because this ip is called local host ip address.It is ip of every system and reserved for local host.

Basically, we can find our ip address of our system and it`s range of classification on our own system by using command prompt.


1. Open command prompt

2. Type ipconfig

3. Press Enter

4. Scroll Down

5. Find IPv4 address

then you will get your ip address of your system.if it is starting with 0-126 then its classification is A,if 128-191 then it is B class ip address and so on.


·       Traceroute

·       command prompt command ipconfig(microsoft windows)

·       whatismyipaddress.com

·       terminal command ifconfig (linux)


·       Use command ipconfig in Command prompt of microsoft windows

·       https://whatismyipaddress.com/ website to check your ip address

·       https://centralops.net/co/Traceroute.aspx a webpage to check ip address of anywebsite or domain

·       Terminal of operating system Linux by using command ifconfig

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