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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mobile security and threats

Nowadays, we are attracted by technology or we can say that technology is also a  big part of our life.
We use laptops, computers and mobile phones everywhere even our all work is on these gadgets.
     But these gadgets are also not able to do anything without internet. I think internet is the best invention of the technology world because it is really amazing that how we are chatting with each other by sitting at different places, how we share our data, how we do video calling even banking is on internet, shopping is on internet. It saves our time. But still their are risk of security because internet works on digital waves, ip addresses which can be bypassed by hacker to steal the information or crash the data or tracing etc.


Mobile phone is the thing that  is always in our pocket and we do chatting, banking, video calling, store data, documents on it which can be very precious. Mobile phone security is must if you are having a smart phone because an attacker can attack on your phone by using multiple ways to get access of your phone otherwise if your phone is not locked, anyone can use your phone and able to do anything with your handset.

There are some tips i will give you to secure your mobile phone from viruses, trojans, worms, spywares etc as well as attackers.

 You should put the pattern lock on your phone screen by going to "settings" after that "lock and security" option (varies to different models)

Seccond option is your backup of your pattern of password. Put backup pin also for moresecurity to your phones.

There are some more locks to make more secure your phone such as face recognising, thumb lock, eye recognise etc.

Update your mobile phone whenever you get notification of new updates. Because Mobile phone company update and cover the loopholes of old version of software and put more security efforts.

Put a trusted and paid antivirus in your phone because antivirus will stop malwares, viruses, spywares etc. to come in your phone as well as alert you if there is any threat.

If you are using untrusted apps, disable that apps because these apps increase malwares and give your access to may be a hacker and your information can be leaked by using these apps.

If you are having any sensitive and confidential data in your phone then please do not keep it in your device, store it in an external device or cloud account.

Lock your sim with a pjn also to make your mobile phone more protected.

  • Do not open any unknown link if any one sends to you.
  • Do not download any attachment with any mail if sender is unknown.
  • Do not surf unknown websites.
  • Do not enter your password in front of anyone
  • Do not tell your OTP and passwords

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