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Monday, May 21, 2018

Playfair Cipher Technique Of Encryption

Implementation of  playfair  cipher technique.

Concept: Playfair cipher is also one of the best technique for data encryption. Basically this way is used with 5x5 matrix. All alphabets comes in this matrix but no one gets repeated and plaintext is written is first cells when plaintext is completed then other left alphabets are written in the cells.

                                     As an example of the Playfair cipher, begin with the following message text: HELLO WORLD. After splitting this message into two-letter bits, a user starts with the letters HE and LL. If the letter H is in the top left corner and the letter E is in the bottom right corner of the key table, the encoded two-letter bit, which consists of the letters in the top right corner and bottom left corner, is transposed on the key table. This "mirror" technique enables effective text encoding without any equipment or infrastructure, except for printed text on paper.

Demo: Many online portals and tools provide this encryption implementation platform. Here I will perform this encryption on .                                       

·       Open in browser

·       enter a plaintext

·       click on submit

·       you will see the cipher text made by playfair in encipherd message


·       Cipher tools

·       AlphaPeeler Professional 1.3  v.1.0

·       Crypto


· online perform

·   online perform

· download tools

· youtube tutorial

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