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Saturday, May 19, 2018




Telnet is a user command and an underlying TCP/IP Protocol for accessing remote computers. Through Telnet, an administrator or another user can access someone else's computer remotely. On the Web, HTTP and FTP protocols allow you to request specific files from remote computers, but not to actually be logged on as a user of that computer. With Telnet, you log on as a regular user with whatever privileges you may have been granted to the specific and data on that

                       The result of this request would be an invitation to log on with a userid and a prompt for a password. If accepted, you would be logged on like any user who used this computer every day.Telnet is most likely to be used by program developers and anyone who has a need to use specific applications or data located at a particular host computer.


There are many tools to get access of a computer by sitting far from that. Here i will give a demo on anydesk tool which uses telnet protocol.


1.    Open anydesk

2.    There would be our anydesk address in first box

3.    Enter address of target pc anydesk

4.    Press enter

5.    You will get the access of that pc when he accept your request


1.    Team viewer

2.    Anydesk

3.    Remote desktop connection ( windows internal application)

4.    VNC connect

5.    Chrome remote desktop


· anydesk tool tutorial

· download anydesk

· telnet access to your target with kali linux

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