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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of e-mail?

Advantages of E-mails:

1.      E-mails provide easy and faster mean of communication. One can send a message to any corner of the world in just a mouse's click.
2.      E-mails also provide for the better management of messages as various folders and subfolders can be created with inbox.
3.      One can also send a single message to multiple people at the same time. This makes e-mail more cost effective and cheaper means of communication.
4.      It is easier to filter e-mails. One can also prioritize message by specifying the subject of e-mail.
5.      One can not only send textual message but also audio, videos, pictures, graphics etc. can be sent with an e-mail.
6.      Unlike postal mails, e-mails can be delivered at any hour of the day thus ensures the timeliness of the message.
7.      It also provides for secure and reliable delivery of the message. If e-mail address is specified correctly rearely does an e-mail go to the unintended address.
8.      Several e-mail programs provide the provision for editing and formatting the textual messages.
9.      It is also possible to send automated e-mails with certain text. These are also known as auto responders.
10.   E-mail do not use paper. They are environment friendly and save a lot of trees from being cut down.

Disadvantages of E-mail:

1.      E-mails are source of viruses. These small programs can harm user's computer and can read out user's e-mail address book and send themselves to a number people around the world.
2.      E-mails can be a source of unwanted mails or junk mails (spams). These spam mails can fill up the inbox. Checking and deleting these spams unnecessarily consumes a lot of time.
3.      E-mails are informal method of communication. Therefore they are not considered as serious business document a transaction. Thus, urgent transactions and especially those requiring signatures are not managed through e-mails.
4.      Usage e-mail requires internet access. There are many parts of the world where people donot have access to the Internet. The e-mails doesn't serve any purpose in such areas.
5.      E-mail can pose security threat to many business organisation. Sensitive iuformation can easily be shared and distributed through e-mail within a business .
6.      E-mail can become impersonal or misunderstood as it difficult to express emotions using e-mails.
7.      The inbox may get flooded with e-mail after a certain time so one has to empty it from time to time.
8.      One needs to check the inbox regularly in order to stay updated.

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